The Sculptor's Lesson: A Pursuit of Excellence

What's the power of your internal compass? Let's discover ...

Today’s #DhandheKaFunda: "Your internal compass steers you towards excellence in every pursuit."

The Sculptor's Lesson: A Pursuit of Excellence

Have you heard about the sculptor who wouldn't settle for less? His story mirrors a lesson I learned early in my career.

The Tale of the Sculptor

A visitor once noticed a sculptor at a temple making an idol with another similar idol discarded.

The sculptor explained that the first idol had a minor flaw—a scratch on the nose.

The visitor wondered why it mattered, given the idol's placement high on a pillar.

The sculptor's reply was simple: "I will know it."

My Parallel Journey

In my early twenties, I rewrote my Accounting Software's source code four times before I knew this story.

Each version worked, but I sought a better structure and a higher quality.

These rewrites were part of service projects using my software as a module.

Project management principles were alien to me then.

The concept of 'out of scope' didn't cross my mind.

Yet, this relentless quest for improvement was perhaps why my small IT Consulting business was profitable.

A singular aim drove me: to refine my software.

The result? Over 100 installations, a notable feat in the pre-app era.

Resonating with the Sculptor

When I first heard the sculptor's story, it struck a chord.

It echoed my belief: the drive for excellence is internal.

Knowing your work reflects your best, regardless of external recognition.

Excellence isn't about who sees the flaws. It's about not compromising on your standards.

An internal compass guides you to excel, no matter the endeavor.

The radical rainmaker understands his own internal compass and practices doing the right things.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Until the next,

Br, UV (founder of Upsquare. Upsquare’s culture breeds radical rainmakers.✌🏻)

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