Embrace Speed, Live Fully

The Art of Fullest Living

Today’s #DhandheKaFunda: "Act fast for a full life. Dive into learning. Chase your weirdest dreams. Start today. The imperfect start is okay!"

I reflected on the shortness of life as last week, one of my cousins began his unexpected higher journey at a relatively young age—54.

Despite him being 100% different from me, so many childhood memories with him. Cricket, computer science, and more.

Reasons apart, I realize that we must act fast and live fully before our life becomes the wildest dream.

The Art of Living Fully: Act Fast

Time slips away silently, especially as we age.

One day blends into the next, and suddenly, years have passed without us realizing it.

We often find ourselves caught in a comfortable rhythm, not necessarily one we love, but one that feels familiar.

It's easy to let life become a series of routines, deepening with each repetition.

But here's a thought to consider: speed is undervalued.

Not the rush and hustle, but the speed of seizing the day, the quickness in acting on our aspirations.

The Trap of Routine

Many of us fall into the trap of routine, where days, months, and even years can slip by in a blur of comfort and familiarity.

We get comfortable, too comfortable, perhaps, in the grooves of our daily lives.

But in that comfort, we often leave our dreams and ambitions waiting on the sidelines.

The Value of Speed

Speed in life doesn't mean feeling frantic.

It's about understanding the preciousness of time.

It's realizing that the right moment might never just arrive on its own.

It's about making conscious choices to eliminate the clutter of busyness and making room for what truly matters.

A Wake-Up Call

This is your wake-up call: Stop acting as if there’s an endless reservoir of time. The way you live today, this very moment, is crafting your life's story.

Action Steps:

  • Reflect on your dreams: What have you always wanted to do? Start planning to make it happen.

  • Prioritize: Cut out the clutter. Focus on what adds meaning to your life.

  • Act Now: Don't wait for the perfect moment. Start small if you must, but start today.


In embracing the value of speed, we learn to live fully, not just exist.

We learn to cherish each moment and act towards a life of fulfillment.

Remember, the life you're living right now is your one chance. Make it count. 🌟

Every radical rainmaker lives fully first and then makes the rain.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Until the next,

Br, UV (founder of Upsquare. Upsquare’s culture breeds radical rainmakers.✌🏻)

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